Cobra Custom Tattoo is Massachusetts' first and finest tattoo shop. Located in historical downtown Plymouth, we represent world class tattooing at its best, offering much more than your average "street-shop" tattoo parlor.

Aside from being owned by Tattoo Forrest, one of Massachusetts most sought-after artists, we house a team of professionals whose combined experience with custom tattooing is rarely found under one roof. While we specialize in Traditional Japanese and Americana as well as freehand tattooing, we also offer the finest work in portraits, art nouveau, black and grey and everything in-between.

We operate in a very friendly and clean environment and each artist is annually certified by the American Red Cross in First-Aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens. We have many years of experience both giving and getting tattoos, and approach each piece with a passion for quality, not dollar signs. Come by and see for yourself why Cobra Custom Tattoo is World Class Tattooing at its finest...

Cobra Custom Tattoo

26 Main St.

Plymouth, MA 02360


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